About us

About us

Cyber security has become one of the top consumer purchasing decisions when it comes to consumer devices. With EU and UK legislation on its way, mandating that manufacturers prove they have met cyber security performance requirements, now is the time to act.

Certification offers proactive manufacturers the opportunity to leverage first mover advantage, positioning themselves and their products as the most trusted on the market.

What is SafeShark?

SafeShark, backed by BSI, provides the only independent certification for new IoT cyber security standards. The SafeShark and BSI Consumer IoT Verification Scheme will: Provide reassurance that your product has appropriate cyber security controls in place for its intended use in accordance with international best practice.

Why SafeShark?

Our proprietary automated testing platform – Intercept – is the only pass/fail model in this market providing repeatable, objective results using its automated Intercept software.


SafeShark is an award-winning service that turns compliance into competitive edge, combining expertise and affordability.

Proactive manufacturers will:

  • Protect customers, business, investors, reputation and brand position.
  • Prepare for the legislation and increasing consumer demand before this becomes a business-critical issue.
  • Enhance their products and brand early on, building reputation and trust by taking a hard consumer protection stance.

What is the Consumer IoT Verification Scheme?

The scheme includes testing against the European IoT cyber security standard (ETSI EN 303 645) and associated test specification (ETSI TS 103 701) by SafeShark, using its unique and innovative automated test platform – Intercept.

This is certified by BSI who will issue a logo to manufacturers to demonstrate a rigorous, objective, and independent verification of a connected device’s security - offering peace of mind to consumers and shareholders, and giving manufacturers a genuine, certified point of differentiation on shelf.

Ongoing service
Once certified, products are continually monitored by our Intercept platform to ensure compliance is maintained over the whole lifecycle of the product as software is updated and as cyber threats and standards evolve.

How do I comply?

To book a test or to make an enquiry click here or email info@safeshark.co.uk

Certification can be granted based on the core technology of the product so that derivative models can be managed under a single test and certification.

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